India's favourite characters take your kid on an exciting journey of thematic learning where they learn about community helpers, animal kingdom, sea life, and so much more!

Character Based Learning

Our interactive games and videos put your child in the middle of the action, making them active protagonists in their learning journeys. Kids can practice and refine their skills in language, numeracy, arts, science, world cultures, and motor skills! Narrative videos and games help reinforce these concepts in an interactive and engaging




Weaves together the best of education and entertainment to create personalised integrated learning experiences for young minds.





Personal Learning Journeys



Create a strong learning foundation for your child across 6 essential learning domains :
- Numeracy
- Language & Literacy
- Discovery of the world
- Social and emotional development
- Motor skill development
- Aesthetic & creative expression

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Parent's Zone

With our smart tech driven, cutting edge, Parents Zone, you can track your child's progress through the various educational games and levels. This gives you an insight in to your child's strengths and lets you focus on those aspects that need improvement. Not just that, you can do pre-emptive aptitude tracking and set the difficulty level for your child's learning journey. Let's keep our children ahead of the curve.

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