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3 Ways to boost your child's self-esteem

Children bring us happiness and joy.

The last thing you want for them is that they're not confident enough or suffer low self-esteem. Wondering what you could do to help them become more confident?

We hear you. And we've got three simple tips for you.

1. Show them you love them no matter what. Often, low self-esteem could be that they feel inadequate or inferior compared to their peers. It is your job to assure them that they're enough - just the way they are. They are your precious child, and you'll always be there for them.

2. Help them find their unique strengths. Every child is different and has different strengths. Instead of pushing them to be the best at everything, encourage them to try various activities at a young age to discover where their strengths lie. Refrain from comparing them to their friends, and you'll quickly see them become more confident.

3. Teach them always to give their best shot. It is crucial to teach them to give their best shot in sports or academics and not worry about anything else. The scores they get or their rank amongst their friends are unnecessary, as long as they've worked hard and given their very best.

Show your child the confidence and your belief in them- that's what they need the most. Nothing motivates them more!

Got more tips? Share them here.

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