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5 Safety Rules for Children that can save the day!

Sports, hobbies, school - every activity that makes our kids’ lives exciting comes with the risk of exposing them to malicious adults or unforeseen situations. While you should do a background check on every adult your kids interact with, you should also set some ground rules so they keep themselves safe.

Here is our top list -

Rule No. 1: Never follow a stranger. There are no exceptions, even if the stranger claims to be ‘daddy’s friend’ or has a note from mommy’. If they don’t know the person, they must not go with them.

Rule No. 2: Do not play on the roads. Accidents are always waiting to happen, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Teach them that it is never okay to play on the roads or be there alone.

Rule No. 3: Don’t leave your side when at a new place. While travelling or even simply visiting the market, it is easy for kids to get distracted and suddenly leave your side. Always inform the children before visiting a new place and that they need to be together.

Rule No. 4: Don’t share personal information on online platforms. Always make sure children are under adult supervision while browsing the online space. Verify platforms before your child starts using them, regularly change passwords and update privacy settings.

What are your top safety rules for your kids?

Tell us in the comments below.

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