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Keeping up with your high-needs child

Bringing up your kid is a beautiful and fulfilling experience. But if you have a high-needs child who constantly seeks your time and attention, it can sometimes leave you exhausted, overwhelmed, and guilty.

Sounds like your story?

Check out the following tips that might help, and find a meaningful way to engage them.

1. Identify and stick to boundaries. Being a parent doesn't mean that you've to give up being everything else. Like every other relationship, here, too, you might need some boundaries. Partner with your spouse to decide which needs you'll indulge and which are a clear no-no. And see the erratic experiences falling in line.

2. Mandate nap time - for both of you. Your little one needs rest, and so do you. It might be a great idea to make sleep time a priority and part of your routine. With this, you'll ensure that they get the required rest, but, more importantly - you'll get some 'me time.'

3. Encourage independent activities. Whether reading a book by themselves or taking up painting - independent hobbies can mean they're engrossed in something. And you get that downtime to rejuvenate yourself and re-energise for the rest of the day.

There might be little difficult moments, but sweet, loving and incredible moments too! Got any other ideas you find helpful? Please share them with other parents here.

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