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Vegetables: Not your child's favourite food?

While all of us need a good portion of vegetables in our daily diets - kids need the macronutrients and micronutrients for their physical and mental development. And if you've got a child that hates their veggies, you've surely got an uphill task.

But, don't worry. We've got five tips you could implement today to get your child to consume more vegetables readily!

Dive right in.

1. Get them to pick the vegetables: Instead of thrusting your choices on them, make them part of the decision making. Take them along on your next visit to the vegetable market - and ask them to pick their favourite two veggies from everything they see. That way, they're on board with eating them from the first moment.

2. Convert it into an activity: You could get your child more used to seeing and accepting vegetables by introducing activities involving them. Get them to help you wash them - and segregate them based on colours or sizes. The more you familiarise them with vegetables, the more likely they will finish their plate.

3. Give them veggies in different forms: Convert them into smoothies if they dislike vegetables as curries. If they pick out pieces from the sambar, mash them in so they can't. You can either present vegetables in a form that's more acceptable to them or in a way they simply don't realise they're eating them. It's totally up to you!

What else do you do to make your child finish their veggies?

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