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Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions

Children are fragile - not just physically but also emotionally. They can be extremely sensitive to information, tone, and message. Given that parents are their world - it is natural for them to take even the slightest remarks seriously and get emotionally affected by them.

Do you want to help your child manage their emotions better?

  • Teach them to use their words: At times, children do not understand the emotion they feel. They might be uncomfortable or overwhelmed but wouldn’t have the right words to express it and throw tantrums or cry. From a very young age, teach them to ‘use their words. Be patient and talk to them,

  • Be there for them: Childhood can be an emotional roller-coaster, as kids get exposed to newer experiences, people, and environments. As they try to keep up, they can feel confused and frustrated. Show them that you’re always there for them - no matter how they feel.

  • Set a good example: Managing emotions effectively is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the best way for you to teach your child to be aware of their emotions is to show by example. There might be an experience that makes you very angry. Instead of shouting, abusing, or throwing a tantrum - show them that you can handle the situation with dignity. So, they’ll see, learn, and follow suit.

What do you do to help your child manage their emotions? Share with us in the comments below.

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